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Are you starting a new business and need a Logo, Business Card, Letterhead, Website & so on?

When starting a new business, we understand that things may not be stable or perhaps things are moving very fast and that's a good thing.
Depending on your needs, Chromesque is ready to help you get on your feet by providing you with professional services that will help you enter the competitive market with class.

Try out our Combined Starter Combo, It features everything you need to get your business up and running.
With our Combined Starter Combo, you get Graphics and Web services. Visit our Packages page for more information.

Do you need a Website or a Web application?

We are all set to get your Website or Web Application up and running.
Here are a few things you need to know first. In order to design a website, there are certain pre-requisites.

  • Domain Name
  • Web Hosting
  • Web Design

Domain Name: This is the name for your website which is chosen by you and then checked for availability. This can either be a Local(.co.za) or International top-level domain name(.com, .net, .org).
An example of a Domain Name is chromesque.com

Web Hosting: These are the computers(servers) where your website files will be stored in order for your website to be accessible to users on the internet.
Having reliable Web Hosting also ensures that your website does not go offline or have downtimes. It also decides the speed to which your website can be loaded on computers and devices.
Chromesque offers Basic Web Hosting as well as Advanced Web Hosting to suit your web needs.

Web Design: This is the actual design of your website which will then be uploaded unto your hosting account.
There are lots of companies and individuals out there who claim to be able to design websites and web applications only to disappoint unknowing clients with poor quality of service or no service at all.
At Chromesque, we pride ourselves in our work and we produce nothing less than perfect everytime.
Chromesque offers Basic Web Design as well as Advanced Web Design services.

Still not sure as to how to proceed? Check out our combos on our Packages page.

Do you need a Mobile Application for Android or iOS?

Do you have that big App Idea or perhaps you simply want to make an app for your business?
Deciding to make a mobile application is a big step for your business. This allows your client to have a dedicated platform for accessing your products and services.
As you may know, there are different mobile devices in the market, with different operating systems. Each operating system requires it's own unique application to be designed.

Depending on the functionalities you require your App to have, it may fall in our category of a Basic Mobile Application Design or an Advanced Mobile Application Design. Both products are priced differently.

If you're starting a new business, you may also want to check out our Combined Combos on our Packages page.

Do you need a Computer Application or Desktop Application for Windows, Linux or OSX?

Desktop or Computer applications are programs that get installed on a desktop computer and can only run on desktop computers.
There are multiple Desktop Operating Systems in the market. Currently, There are Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Android Desktop operating systems to name a few.

The Applications Department at Chromesque specializes in the design, maintenance and development of Computer & Desktop Applications.

Depending on the functionalities you require your App to have, it may fall in our category of a Basic Desktop Application Design or an Advanced Desktop Application Design. Both products are priced differently.

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